What drives you crazy?

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #34 Maybe it’s the end of the first month of 2024. Last week’s full moon? World events? I’ve been feeling on edge. This week someone decided to speed through a very clearly marked stop sign in my neighborhood as I was walking to the park. I raised my hands, yelled something […]

Don’t run from disorder, go through it

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #33 Sometimes it takes a sense of disorder to bring me back to my senses. Growing up the oldest of six kids, our home had its share of chaos. My sister and I, along with four brothers, competed for bathroom space, best seats in the station wagon and who could hide […]

A time to be silent

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #32 Waiting in line at the grocery store this week, it was just my luck to be behind two people who were having a heated discussion about a family matter as they slammed their groceries onto the conveyer belt. Trapped between them and another shopper in line, there was nowhere to […]

Being intentional

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #31 I am not a huge fan of cold weather, and living in Colorado at this time of year makes it difficult to avoid snow, freezing temperatures and strong winds. Since I have no desire to hunker down for the next three months and live like a hermit, I have to […]


The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #30 These paphiopedilums, also known as slipper orchids for their defined pouches, just bloomed over the holidays and we’ve been enjoying their amazing beauty every single day. Once the blooms of this variety of orchids is finished, it will take another year for a spike to emerge where the blooming cycle will […]

What will you release in 2024?

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #29 The New Year brings a lot of pressure to get it right, this time. Rather than making another set of plans, what would it look like to let go and listen to what you know to be true? If you’re open, I offer one of the most powerful pieces ever […]

Giving or receiving?

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #28 On the ride home from school this week, my 10 year old grandson wanted to know, Nana, do you like giving or receiving better? When I attempted an answer that used a ‘both-and’ approach – he stopped me. No! You have to choose. Giving or receiving? In that moment, under […]

Changing course

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #27 When’s the last time you decided to re-direct a plan of action you implemented with your whole heart? After mulling over how to write on a regular basis, I arrived at a plan to share a headline in the news, an insight from a coaching client and a tool that […]

The impact of a deathbed confession

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #26 Do you ever wonder if the people around you are who they say they are? That’s the gist of a story that caught my attention this week. After being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, a father decided to tell his daughter that he had a secret. One he had carried […]

A love story

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #25 As headlines on war and hostages, political turmoil and a tunnel collapse dominate the news, we learned that former First Lady Rosalynn Carter died this week, after entering hospice care just a few days before. She and Former President Jimmy Carter had been married for 77 years and in a news […]