When your reservoir is empty

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #55 One of the joys of sitting in our backyard is being near this stone fountain, where the sound of the flowing water is mesmerizing. During this current heatwave, the fountain is doing its best to keep flowing. But every few days its reservoir is nearly empty. I can resonate. Despite […]

Are you ready?

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #53 If you’re connected in any way to small children you know that getting them ready to head out the door in the morning, prepare for a doctor’s appointment or event, even to venture to a park or museum involves a bit of planning. I’ve watched our grown kids, nieces and […]

The next time you’re overwhelmed

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #52 I was stopped in traffic this week when a moving company truck caught my attention. In those long, drawn out minutes I witnessed two of the moving truck drivers pull up the gate of the enormous rig. Inside I could see a substantial pile of furniture and boxes. It didn’t […]

3 keys to strategic leadership

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #51 When I consider the people in my life who’ve influenced me the most I think of my husband, parents and close family members, bosses and executives who worked with me on my career progression, teachers and professors who took a keen interest in me and those who have overcome extraordinary […]

The importance of timing

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #50 Ever wonder why you aren’t doing something you really want to be doing? You create the space, gear up for the event and then bail, pretty much every single day. This week, one of my clients was facing this conundrum. Exercise isn’t fitting into my morning routine, Joe sighed. I […]

Expectations and frustration

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #49 For years – expectations have ruled my life in one way or another. Whether in education, marriage, raising kids, having a career, transitioning to another career, relationships – I have set high expectations for myself. At the same time, the expectations I have of those in my space – partner, […]

Don’t jump the gun!

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #48 Being competitive has its upsides: you train, you respect your craft, you show up, you want to excel and do very, very well. You want to win. And by virtue of being at the starting line on nearly everything you work on, being competitive means there’s a fairly strong chance […]

Listen First

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #47 Just before game 5 of the NBA playoff series between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets, starting point guard Jamal Murray came in a little early to see if he was going to play, after suffering a calf strain in game 4 of the series. And they just […]

Looking for confidence?

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #46 Playgrounds are ripe for many of the lessons I get to work on in my coaching profession. While I was covered in sand trying to avoid flinging sand from a digging spree with our little ones, a child hanging from a nearby climbing structure (six inches off the ground) screamed […]

Clutter and your brain

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #45 Clutter isn’t just one thing, it’s: A confused multitude of things, as defined by vocabulary.com. Clutter shows up in many areas of life: In your office – a desk burgeoning with files/loose papers, post it notes or coffee cups. In your home – a sink filled with dishes, laundry piled […]