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Photo by Carmel Schiff | Carmely Photography, LLC

When you step away from what’s defined you for years to embrace what you love, it’s terrifying. And thrilling!

At the heart of it all, writing has been the tool which allowed me to express myself as a reporter and anchor on television and radio stations around the country and the world.

Growing up as a third culture kid I learned to adapt. A naturalized US citizen, I was born to an Armenian father and Danish mother in India. As the mother of three unique and different sons I’m reminded daily that love is the best I can offer and what we all need most.  And taking on the role of caregiver for my aging parents who passed on to the next life completes the circle.

With the light that shines through all of these experiences I’m merging my passion for people, love of adventure, desire to know what makes us tick and wide-ranging beliefs right here. I am inspired by life!

Based in Denver with my husband who cheers me on and encourages me to speak truth without holding back, I am energized by the beauty around us, our blended family, a various assortment of friends, bicycling, walking the dogs, spending time in our garden, cooking and engaging in conversation over dinner.

There’s so much to write about because I believe there is redemption in every story. And now it’s time to let go and invite you to read what moves me. I hope it will move you too.