My Story

I am a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and I’ve worked with hundreds of executives on every level of management to the C-Suite, entrepreneurs/founders, professionals in the private and government sector and people just entering the workforce. If you’re looking for more clarity, better communication skills or you’re facing any stage of transition in life or work, I would love the opportunity to partner with you.

Leaning on the skills I honed as a Radio and TV Broadcaster in San Francisco, Denver and Houston for more than 30 years, I host a podcast and lead workshops on strategic shifts, identity, and finding purpose and meaning.

Born in India to an Armenian father and Danish mother, our family moved from India to Lebanon to Denmark before emigrating to the United States. My transition to life coaching took place when I stepped away from broadcasting to manage the care of my parents, one of whom had Alzheimer’s. In that season I recognized I could continue asking powerful questions as a life coach and I charted a new course.

I am an ICF accredited Master Certified Coach (MCC), a certified NLP Goal Imagery Coach, a certified Conscious Business Coach and a Premier Fellow Coach at BetterUp. I hold a BA in Communications/Broadcasting from Biola University.

My Approach

I believe you are whole. No matter where you are right this minute, I believe you have what it takes to get to the next step. I’m here to support what you’re ready to change. Any time you step out to challenge what isn’t working, there’s excitement for the new adventure – and that moment when you aren’t sure you can see your way forward.

When you know you are whole, your day is filled with possibilities. Let’s begin with your strengths to discover how you might regain wellbeing and know that you have what is necessary to take the next steps in your life and work.

1. Powerful Questions

Powerful questions come from a place of genuine curiosity. They are open-ended and activate the brain so that you can connect the dots. Powerful questions are direct, simple, specific and succinct. They generate creative thinking, uncover underlying information, encourage self-reflection, keep inquiry alive, stretch and expand awareness, bring growth and open the possibility of transformation.

2. Creating a Vision

Visualization is powerful tool that can take your goal setting to the next level. When you visualize reaching your goal, you make it real. Athletes, writers, politicians, businesspeople who achieve great success often use visualization to improve their performance. If you ‘see’ the dream realized, the path becomes much clearer. Setting your intention with visualization works. You get to claim your goal in advance.

3. Personality Strengths

What are your strengths and what do they say about you? There are a variety of free assessments that I will offer. Most often, the results re-enforce what you already know and with insights that help you take the next step. They can help you clarify your leadership skills, conquer obstacles, build self-esteem, resolve issues, express yourself, change your perspective and provide decision making.

4. Neuroscience & Brain Based Coaching

According to neuroscience, change is pain because it provokes physiological discomfort. If you want to create a new habit, you’ll do it through repetition and positive reinforcement which leads to long-lasting personal evolution. Focus is power because it creates chemical and physical changes in the brain. What you focus on, you strengthen, so you will focus on what you want, instead of what you don’t want. 

5. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is an ability to identify and manage your own emotions as well as the emotions of others. It offers you the clarity to distinguish between and label different emotions. Then you can use that emotional information to guide your thinking and behavior, and influence that of others. The framework of EQ includes self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

Our Partnership

You have the answers you are looking for within yourself. Sometimes it takes the right question, the space to respond and the belief you are being heard. I am confident in your capacity to reach your full potential. To accomplish this requires mutual trust and a willingness to bring what is necessary to the table. As you use your strengths, you will find your sense of wellbeing grow. You will do the work, explore what you’re ready to transform and take the steps to move forward. I will be fully present, use active listening skills, ask powerful questions and walk alongside you. 



Let’s work together


What is a life, executive, communications coach?

As a Master Certified Coach I encourage, support and motivate you to achieve the goals you choose in your personal transformation. I will listen and asks questions to prompt you to think about where you are and where you want to be. I will partner with you as you discover how to connect the dots in your life, and stand alongside you as you reach the next level you’re looking to achieve.

What is my role in coaching?

Life and career coaching are partnerships. You will take the lead in our coaching by letting me know what you want to achieve, what you need to get your goal and how you want to proceed. We will progress at the pace and the level you choose, because I am confident that this self-directed and goal-oriented approach is effective for bringing out the best in you.

What are the benefits of coaching?

When you enter into life, executive or communications coaching, you’ll have someone totally dedicated to you and how you want to achieve your goals. My role is to be non-judgmental, supportive and to motivate you when you want more for your life or work. I will offer you tools to keep you focused on what you want to do and where you want to go. You will receive insights and clarity and know there is someone in your corner.

What distinguishes a Life Coach from a Therapist?

A Life Coach offers guidance by clarifying and achieving personal and professional goals, helps you improve communication skills, works with you to achieve balance in your work and life and offers strategies for you to reach and maintain short and longterm goals. A Therapist works with you to recover from past traumas, explore why past relationships have been destructive, work through depression that may affect your ability to function and help you survive loss or divorce of a loved one.