What would your life look like if you focused your attention on what you want? 


Take your work to the next level without sacrificing balance and stability.


What do you want most in your life and in your work? Once you name it, match up what you want with your strengths to open solid possibilities.


What do you focus on every day? Your key strengths, values, education, training and background determine where you go next.


What sets you apart from everyone else?  Design and develop a vision for your life and career progress with your unique skillset.


With new choices that serve you best, how will you make sure you stick to your goals? You’ll learn what it takes to maintain balance and stability.

What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative partnership that inspires you to build up your personal and professional potential. You’ll learn to unlock your own sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.

Who Is Coaching For?

If you’re asking the question, “what now?” life coaching is for you! You will take the lead by letting me know what you want to achieve, what support you need to arrive at your goal and how you want to proceed.

Hi, I'm Lois Melkonian

People are my passion. And I can’t wait to find out what is yet to unfold in your life and work.

I believe you have the answers. But somewhere along the way your life became consumed with people and work and busy-ness and agendas.

Working together with an engaging set of tools and resources, I’m excited to see you recover what’s right in front of you.  You’ll learn how to face the fears that are holding you back by discovering what they teach you. One by one, the decisions you make will be your own. As you create this renewed vision for yourself, everyone around you benefits as well.

I will walk with you as your purpose unfolds and support you as you design a vision for your life and work – your way.


Working with Lois has been such a great experience which has helped me improve my self awareness, confidence, and perspective of life.  She has a very nonjudgmental, caring personality and is a natural at coaching. She always greets me with a smile and keeps me focused on the goal of our sessions to ensure we accomplish them. I have gotten so much more from our collaboration than I thought possible because she is always down in the trenches with me, helping me move forward. I would definitely recommend Lois as coach, both personally and professionally!

Cindy C.

Our company was struggling to find cohesion, until Lois opened up the possibility that each of us has to find our own way. Using Emotional Intelligence is changing how we function. Working with Lois through issues of how to connect with one another, enable respect and create a vision for our future has been both challenging and rewarding.

Denver CEO

Online Coaching Resources

24 Character Strengths

Scientists discovered a common language of 24 character strengths make up what’s best about your personality. See how these strengths impact every area of life and work.


Faith Donaldson and I host the weekly podcast, More to Life with Faith and Lois. This week, we explore how creating space for reflection can make a huge shift in your life and work. 

Wheel Of Life

What does a satisfying life look like for you in the eight categories you’ll find on the Wheel of Life? Download this document and choose a value for each area. And then, let’s talk!


Design Your Life And Work