Have you ever tried to convince someone to hear you out, change their mind, take another course of action? And no matter what you say there is flat out rejection, or no response?

You wait, summoning all the mindfulness you possess, knowing you’ve done what is possible. And while you are frustrated, you arrive at some sort of peace that you’re learning how to sit in dissonance and still function in your life.

Then, as if to cement their resistance to you, this person does the unexpected. They go off the deep end with an action that shocks all who witness it.  And this time, someone notices. The universe responds. The time is right. Their behavior is challenged and you receive an unexpected gift. What you asked for takes place, in spite of their continued hostility.

This can happen in relationships, at work, in your community and in the world. It’s about time, we all say. And it is.

When it happens on a global stage, we watch in awe. Yesterday, the US Congress, in a 405-11 vote, recognized the Armenian Genocide of 1.5 million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire from 1915-1923. Until that moment, fear of the fallout of the US relationship with Turkey was too great. But in the last few weeks, Turkey went too far with military attacks against Syrian Kurdish forces. Timing is everything.

If you’re waiting for something, don’t give up. Live your life, speak the truth, shine the light. You never know when someone is going to make a move that breaks everything wide open. And you’ll be ready.

You’ve got this.