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How do you show up?

This season of life makes so much sense…now.

Another newsletter? Really? That’s what I kept saying to myself as I tossed this idea around for awhile – and after months (ok, years) of going back and forth, I’m ready to launch The Coach’s Corner.

Making a pivot in life is filled with uncertainty, discomfort, lack of clear definitions and relief – all balled up in one. As I reflect on this decision to step away from news and into life coaching, it’s clear how the pieces were lining themselves up for years and now fit together seamlessly, with a few rough edges.

“It seems to me more and more…that we don’t choose our lives. Our lives choose us.”

William Kent Kreuger, Lightning Strike.


1. A full circle

My life’s work has circled around people and their stories. I used to ‘do it’ by reporting on their lives, or the loss of life, in 40-second stories. Sometimes I would get exclusive interviews because of how I stuck around and listened. Often I was racing to be first on the scene, observing as people suffered through and (sometimes) survived insurmountable odds. Making sure I hit all the main elements: who, what, where, when and how.

When my father’s Alzheimer’s brought me back to Denver, thanks to a very supportive husband, I pivoted. At the time it felt like I was re-inventing myself, something that involved research, education, certifications – and after 2500+ hours of coaching amazing clients, the International Coaching Federation awarded me the designation of Master Certified Coach. I arrived at this point keenly aware that the skills I honed in my years of reporting and anchoring served me better than I could ever have imagined as a life, executive and communications coach. Turns out I’m still making sure I hit the main elements: who, what, where, when and how in every coaching session.

2. People can thrive anywhere

For the first few years of my coaching practice, I found myself steering away from my broadcasting background. But in the past several years, clients are choosing to work with me in areas of communication, presentation and confidence – because of my background. Go figure. So, why fight it?

When I read, listen or watch news stories I’m fascinated by the applications I use from these real-life events to coach people. That’s the premise of “The Coach’s Corner,” a belief that there is a thread running through our life and work.

My plan is to begin with a headline, find an insight from a coaching session (all anonymous) and then apply a coaching tool that offers you a way to get through a tough negotiation, or navigate the perils of raising kids/caring for your parents or what to do when everyone around you seems to be losing control.

3. The weekly HIT (headline/insight/tool) list

So count on this. Every Tuesday I’m going to unpack a headline in the news. Since I like connecting dots, I will use that headline to share an insight.

That insight will come from the experiences of people I encounter in my life and work – who are facing challenges and obstacles and finding a way through the uncertainty and the pain.

Finally, the tools. I love tools. They allow me to practice what I want to learn in a bite-size way. No quick fixes here, but steady use of these tools create shifts that amaze me and keep me on course every single day. Unless , as Judith Viorst might point out, “it’s a really terrible, horrible, no good , very bad day.”

The Coach’s Corner is being launched as a free subscription, for now. I’ll keep you posted.

4. Wherever you go, there you are

In the spray of Hanakāpīʻai Falls, I ask myself, “how do I want to show up?” Because this is who I am.

And that’s what I’ll be asking as I offer you the weekly HIT list. See you on Tuesday!

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