In awe of the eclipse

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #44 Sitting outside a Denver-area restaurant with my friend, Frances, on Monday we used our MedOptics glasses to view the partial eclipse. Oh my gosh you can see it’s happening! This is amazing!! Our enthusiasm and exclamations over the next 14 minutes encouraged people near us to venture close and ask […]

Do you trust your gut?

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #43 One of my brothers recently shared that the biggest thing he’s learned about himself is using his accumulated wisdom to trust his gut. After years of dismissing intuition as unreliable, he’s adopted a policy to listen to what his gut is telling him before he makes small and large decisions. […]

Sometimes I think I think too much

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #42 What do you mean when you say ‘I think too much?’ If you’re like me, it’s most common when you’re ruminating or worrying about something you’re afraid might happen.  Or whether a pitch or proposal you submitted will be rejected. Maybe you’re heading in a direction and you’re convinced you’ll […]

Here’s what happens when you’re kind

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #41 When I shared with my oldest granddaughter, here for the end of spring break, that I would be taking some time to write this newsletter she asked me what I was going to write about. As I threw out a few topics from my notes, she nodded her head without […]

Note to self: breathe

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #40 What is it about the month of March? Stress is showing up everywhere I go. This week a sense of dread felt like it stuck to my chest, rattled through my family, shook up several clients and even brought a normally cheerful grocery clerk to tears. Doing a scan of […]

Being thankful is a state of mind

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #39 Living in a household where we give thanks before every meal, I sometimes wonder if I’ve become immune to the power of saying thank you. I bring this up because these two little words have been weaving their way through numerous discussions during the past few weeks. In coaching and […]

Jet lag is a choice

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #38 When I travel for business or pleasure overseas most of these trips require a quick turnaround. Because of the timing, I don’t spend much time thinking about jet lag since I take proactive action in flight and upon arrival so that I can function on a nearly normal basis on […]

Do it now…sometimes later becomes never

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #37 What do you love to do? There are number of things that come immediately to mind for me including coaching, cycling, gardening, reading, hanging out with my husband, family and friends. What don’t you like to do? Again, plenty of things pop up: I am not fond of business development, […]

Sometimes you just need a hug

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #36 As I logged into a peer coaching session this week, our grandson rushed into my office. The only thing he wanted was a hug. He would not be denied. My gracious peer coach and I launched our conversation and within minutes, he was distracted by pen and paper and rushed […]

What’s that thing you don’t want to do?

The Coach’s Corner Newsletter #35 Before the sun comes up, you can hear me in the backyard jumping rope. And every (single) morning I remind myself of the benefits: a full-body workout in 10 minutes, better balance, increased bone density and better heart health. That’s because when it’s cold or wet or hot or whatever, […]