When you hold on to this little piece of truth, you give yourself the power to untangle all sorts of knots in your mind, in your body and in your heart.


You know that feeling to wake up with anticipation about a project in front of you today, only to arrive at your desk and discover that overnight, the system you needed to present this brilliant concept crashed? #@&*%!! And after you get that out of the way, you have a choice. Maybe several.


  • Call someone.
  • Dig in to find out how to fix it yourself.
  • Stall and find out if you can present a bit later.
  • Come up with a creative solution.
  • Walk out of the room and blame it all on fate.


Things happen every day that have the potential to upset the course you want to take. I arrived in an International Business classroom at Metropolitan State University yesterday afternoon to present a segment on Bosnia – Herzegovina. My power point was all set, my notes were in hand, the students were ready to listen. But there were no connectors to hook up the screens in the room to my Apple Power Point. I had no way to show the work I had carefully crafted.


Standing in front of the students, the professor and I huddled, and I had an aha moment. Prior to the class, I’d emailed her my presentation. She was able to open the link and immediately, my presentation was on screen. The class was totally engaged and the next 30 minutes flew by.


Whatever obstacle comes your way today, and there will probably be at least one, take a beat and breathe. Remember, you can choose what’s next. Might you consider any of the options above? Even if you pick the last one, that is your choice.


Enjoy your Tuesday, whatever this day brings. What will you choose today?


You’ve got this.