You decide to be all in…no matter what.


You know that feeling when you sit down to have a cup of tea with someone, or play with your kids at the park or pick up your favorite aunt at the airport? You are right there, connected, engaged, laughing – you are all in. And the feelings you generate together in that time stretch far beyond the event. You can relive every interaction in your mind again and again.


To show up for another becomes more authentic when you show up for yourself. Do you take care of your emotional, physical and spiritual needs? When you demonstrate that you matter –you discover you’re able to show up pretty much anywhere.


Showing up in this way is a gift. When you’re in a place where the world you live in holds joy for you – no matter what you’re facing – you offer that joy regardless of your circumstance.


But how do you maintain this view of the world when you’ve lost your job, or you’re in a challenging relationship or you feel alone? This is when the work begins.

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”  Thich Nhat Han.


As you embrace how to continually learn from every experience, you find yourself growing to understand that your circumstances or interactions are neither positive nor negative. What unfolds is an interconnectedness from you to anyone in your midst, that allows your smile to be the source of your joy – no matter what else is happening.


How’s your world today?

You’ve got this.