As a life coach, I work with people who want to connect the dots in their lives. Those important elements that are tucked away in one side of the brain, hidden under a mattress, stored in a box in the closet or even right out in plain sight. Something in you knows that if you tap into that which stirs you, you are one step closer to finding more meaning and the direction in life.


My husband and I just completed an Introductory Wisdom School course with Cynthia Bourgeault, modern day mystic, Episcopal priest and writer, through the Center for Action and Contemplation.  I have so much more to learn, and it all starts with waking up.


Using George Gurdjieff’s “The Work,” Bourgeault taps into how we wake up when we choose to live in three-centered awareness.


  1. The Moving Center – the physical center.
  2. The Intellectual Center – the thinking center.
  3. The Emotional Center – the feeling center.


The idea is that these centers are all connected, and you are only truly awake when all three are engaged. They’re like the legs of a tripod. If you live out of only one center, or maybe two, you’re out of balance.


How would this work out for you in daily life?

  • Go to the center you use the most, for me it’s the intellectual center. Appreciate your mind as one third of your being. Great for your thoughts and expressions.
  • Now go to the emotional center, which offers you the capacity to understand the world around you through empathy. A major tool for connection.
  • And finally, step into the moving center, which allows the language of the mind and the emotion to sink in. Using movement, you can decode the concepts you are exploring.


Connecting the dots in your life is possible when you’re centered in your mind and emotions and body. I find that setting a timer, to incorporate movement several times a day, allows me to connect to each center. It wakes me up to everything and everyone one around me.


If you’re feeling fragmented right now, observe yourself.  Which leg of your tripod might need some love today?

You’ve got this.