Waiting is a tricky business. Sometimes you have no say whatsoever in the matter OR the outcome. Prophets, parents, teachers of all stripes and every authority figure on the planet will remind you that waiting is good for you. And despite my desire to have most things sooner rather than later, I’m discovering the benefits of releasing the potential outcome. I’m easier to be with, letting go of what I cannot control and more comfortable with being in whatever situation I’m in. In other words, I’m learning to stop forcing the issue.

Waiting also grows patience. And that’s a beautiful thing. I know what it’s like to hold myself back so that I receive a reward, of sorts. Dessert after a great meal, a diploma following an enormous amount of hard work, tulips in spring, cruising downhill on my bike after the long climb to the top, Christmas music in December, a sale because of diligent prospecting and following a recipe.

Which brings me to why I’m making Kombucha. Patience. That, and the fact that the instructions in the “Simple Guide to Kickass Kombucha,” seemed reasonable – albeit time consuming. Which is the point, right? At this very moment, my kickass Kombucha is in the back of a cupboard in the dark until a ¼ inch SCOBY “mother” forms. (I liken it to a sourdough starter and hope I haven’t offended Kombucha purists.) In the next few weeks, I’ll let you know how this all ferments.

What are you waiting for these days? Please let me know.