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Be a Friend – Living Through COVID19

Living Through Covid19 means reaching out to and leaning on our friends. We are in this together, which means our connection will make an enormous difference. Call or email or check in with someone in your life today.

Take This Seriously – Living Through COVID19

Are we social distancing? I spoke with two good friends in the medical community. Listen to how they're urging us to take this time in our lives more seriously - I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

8 Weeks To Thrive With Social Distancing

What will these next eight weeks look like in social distancing? Today, I'll explore one way to track this time by growing something I will plant in my garden at the end of 8 weeks. What are you doing to thrive during this time?

How To Cope In This Time of Uncertainty

When you feel out of control, there's a level of frustration that takes over your life. In the midst of the corona virus pandemic, there are ways to walk through the challenges. One day at a time.