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My Corona Garden Week 3

During this coronavirus pandemic, I seeded an indoor garden that might be ready to plant outdoors in mid-May. This corona garden offers unique lessons: whether you feel buried, like a seed, or you're beginning to reach for the light, as a seedling, or...

My Corona Garden Week Two

Some of these resilient seedlings have to be repotted – because they are growing so fast in just two weeks

Making Your Own Kombucha

Relying on routine to keep me sane, here's how I make Kombucha every week. Time-lapsed for you in three minutes! A great refresher in times like these...

My Corona Garden – Living Through COVID19

Finding ways to thrive while stuck inside. Here's an idea. An indoor garden. My corona garden, which I planted from seed just a week ago, is sprouting. What a contrast to how stuck I'm feeling as we are sheltering in place. Check out  5 requirements to...

Name Your Anxiety – Living Through COVID19

How are you managing your anxiety during this coronavirus crisis that seems to have overtaken our lives? Find out what happens when we name that which we fear most.