When you decide that something is worth doing – somewhere in your core you know it takes time. But the draw to simplify, abbreviate, allow someone else to do your work is so enticing.

  • If you ever join the ranks of those who plant bulbs, there is simply no way to speed up this process. The bulbs go under the earth in the fall– and six months later they begin blooming in the spring. You can water and watch…that’s about it.
  • When you walk into your office to relaunch a dysfunctional project, there has to be collaboration, agreement and an intention to do things differently so that you will succeed. And then you observe and wonder…will this work?
  • Choosing to bake a souffle, cook ratatouille, make homemade sourdough bread or start your own kombucha demands a period of time where you have to watch, wait, saute, simmer, let rise, leave alone. You can peek, but there is no rushing this effort.
  • Losing weight, making healthy food choices, or doing an exercise regimen is a daily demand of your intention and time. Every day you get to decide what you consume, how you tune up and move your body – it takes time in the saddle, period.

There certainly are shortcuts for all of the above endeavors, but the outcome typically falls short of what you might have gotten had you chosen to wait.

Every step you take on your path means something. You throw away nothing. When you come to grips with what matters in each moment of your life, and the satisfaction of a result that took time in the making, you get a glimpse of how shortcuts can be so short sighted.

Where are you choosing to avoid the shortcut?

It will be worth it.

You’ve got this.