I used to face the start of the weekend having to unwind from the stress of the week. Sound familiar?

  • Teeth clenched
  • Tight fists
  • Foot cramps
  • Stomach in knots
  • Head under pressure

If you have any of these physical symptoms, awesome. Seriously. Your body is trying to tell you that maybe, just maybe, there’s too much going on in your life.

You can ‘fix’ all of these signs with a mouthguard, finger/hand exercises, yoga toes, ginger tea or meditation. But then you’ll have to do it all over again in a few weeks. So what’s at the core?

Every single sign your body shows you involves tension. Holding on too tightly. And there’s a good chance you’re not aware of your constricted pattern.

Tension has its place, but unchecked it will overtake your relationships, your job and your health. It squeezes out the joy and peace and longing for beauty and leaves you, well, with a stiff jaw and body cramps and headaches.

Imagine what your body looks like in a small cramped space with little room to breathe. And now imagine what it looks like when you move your body into a more comfortable space that has room. Room to release – your control, your grip, your insistence on being right.

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, consider what it might look like to stop the busy-ness and check your body for knots. Unraveling can happen, if you choose it, in a myriad of ways.

  • Get outside
  • Journal
  • Read a book
  • Listen to music
  • Talk with a friend
  • Pray/meditate

Me? I’m going through another corn maze. Getting ‘lost’ in a fixed space is pretty freeing. There’s nothing I have to grip.