When you believe someone is whole, there is nothing to change. They are exactly who they say they are. If and when something needs to shift, it is totally up to that person to start the process. Should they ask you to join in their effort, that’s the time for your expertise or suggestions.

Otherwise, consider them whole.

And you are, whole, too.

When you are whole, you accept yourself in this moment and know where you are heading. Everything you do, from the trivial to the mundane to the meaningful, brings you closer to your vision of where you want to be.

Approaching life as a whole person opens up every arena with renewed energy.


  • Relationships. When you see yourself as whole it’s easier to see anyone else as whole, which means you can just be with that other person with no demands.

  • Knowledge. If you’re furthering your education and bring your entire self to the inquiry, the discoveries you make will impact the next steps you take.

  • Physical Health. As you bring a new dimension to your life in your health or diet, your flexibility and endurance and outlook improves.


What I love about living as a whole person? This journey is for all of life. If I fall short, I can start over. Again.

What does it take for you to embrace yourself as whole? Please let me know!

You’ve got this.