One week ago, all but one of 94 podcasts disappeared from our Apple Podcast feed. No warning, no explanation. I reached out to the wonderful folks at Blubrry – our hosting platform – but on the phone, on a Friday afternoon, there was little they could do. They set up an appointment for the following Monday afternoon to work through the issue.

Hearing that I would have to wait three full days to deal with the missing podcasts used to command an all-out, drop everything scramble to resolve the issue. But something strange and wonderful is happening on the journey I’m now on. The shift I’ve been experiencing – deep work, growing mindfulness, life coaching – means the call to let ‘this too’ go stuck. I did not lose sleep or call every tech person I know for help. I accepted the Monday appointment and you’ll be glad to know all of the podcasts are back online.

When you think of letting go, you might zero in on a relationship that is going nowhere. Maybe driving comes to mind, like letting someone turn without using a signal in traffic and smiling, instead of flipping them off. Or you might reflect on releasing anger you’ve been storing up – at work, at home, anywhere.

Accepting the premise that you cannot fix anyone, force changes or punish into submission, you are free to take of yourself. This doesn’t mean people who have wronged you get a pass. On the contrary, they still get to live with themselves. But you, you don’t have to hold on to their stuff.

This applies to non-human events, too. Your refrigerator may stop working Your podcasts might disappear. The power might go out. While you put out an effort to do what you can do, letting go and accepting there are times when even you cannot fix everything, changes how you face any circumstance.

By the way, if you want to check out our More to Life with Faith and Lois podcasts on any platform. They’re back.

Wishing you a lighter weekend.

You’ve got this.