Six week course

starts April 14th!

From Competence to Confidence takes you on a journey from April 14th through May 19th to support you as you move from competence to confidence in your presentations. In the first five weeks you will learn how to

  • Get to the point
  • Identify your audience.
  • Recognize you’re the SME.
  • Build your message.
  • Choose your speech format.

In week six you will deliver a 10-minute presentation in real-time, with immediate feedback from me.  

This course is for you if: 1. You’re asked to deliver a key presentation and you feel intimidated at putting your thoughts together. 2. You’re the SME and you want to create a presentation that leans into your expertise. 3. You want to be confident in sharing a message that adds value and inspires your audience.

Here’s what people are saying…

I love the formula you shared with us that makes organizing the speech easy and effective. I learned a great deal from your feedback, not only directly to me, but also the feedback you gave to the others in the class. Lois, you have a gift and I am grateful you decided to share it with us!
Lynda Drake

Your passion, Lois, is contagious. It really inspired me to take the time to write a speech, instead of just talking. I ended up loving the structure. Thank you for working with us!
Rocky Achers

Not only hearing the words, “you’re the expert.” Hearing and believing that I am the expert!  Lois, with your guidance I was able to move from competence to confidence. I feel so much confidence in who I am, what I’m saying and what I have to offer.
Brenda Mosby



From Competence to Confidence runs for 6 weeks on Fridays from 12pm – 1pm MT

From Competence to Confidence is live on Zoom

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From Competence to Confidence cost: $199