How many turns have you had in life? Maybe you’re in a turning phase right now. Hold on, you’re in for a ride that will have something for you no matter where you wind up. And through every bump, I want you to know that nothing is wasted.


There was a time when I thought my life was linear. I followed a series of steps to get where I wanted to go and I got there –  until the curves hit. Then for a number of years it felt like life stuttered or stalled with every step.


I look back at the choices I made to arrive where I am today, and while there’s no doubt I could have made decisions that would have been FAR easier, here I am. Every move created the next shift.


The idea that nothing is wasted gives you that confidence to approach everything with curiosity.


  • You walk out to get the mail and wind up in a longer than expected conversation with a neighbor. Nothing is wasted.

  • The demo you worked so hard to put together has required much more research and time than anticipated. Nothing is wasted.

  • You have to change your schedule when the school calls to inform you your child is sick. Nothing is wasted.


The next time you encounter a circumstance that takes you off course, may these three small words emerge in your vision: nothing is wasted.


And continue on with your next move.


You’ve got this.