A strange wave of calm is filling me in this moment. It might not last, so I want to share with you how I’m becoming more grounded. That way when another wave hits me, which it will, I might be able to remind myself how I arrived at this place.  


  1. Re-examine Stress.

Changes are happening in our lives that we did not invite. What if you decided to make a list of everything that is causing you stress right now? I’ll list a few. Being forced to stay in your home. Fear of COVID19. Worry about losing income. Politics in general. Not being able to go to the gym.  Your internet connection is unstable.

Now that you have the list, determine what is and what isn’t in your control. And then, create a plan that will allow you to change things up or accomplish what you want in a different way. When you identify what you can control, and release what is out of your control, there’s a real possibility you will reduce your anxiety.


  1. Follow a new routine.

Prior to the month of March, your routine may have been one that you followed every day, or one that you did on the fly. Now that the pattern of your life has dramatically changed, you may be the only constant in your day. Your work is gone or online. Your kids are home. You can’t see people you care about. Your exercise routine is being altered. If you had a routine, it may no longer apply. And if you didn’t have a routine, now is a great time to start.

How about setting the alarm for tomorrow morning? Take out your calendar and pick three things that are important to you, and allot time to do them. When you finish those three things, add one more item, or not. And at the end of the day, decide what you want to do the next day. 


  1. People are who they are.

If I didn’t believe it before I do now. And this is so freeing.

When people show you who they are, believe them. The first time.

Maya Angelou wrote this, embraced this way of thinking and got this concept before many of us understood its true meaning. When I say this out loud, I give permission for people to do and say what they do and say. It’s not on me. It’s not about me. I don’t have to change anyone’s mind. I have to believe that’s who they are. And if I don’t agree and can’t cope with what they’re saying, I can simply respond, “Hmm, that’s who you are.” When you believe this, really believe this, you can even be stuck in the same house. I would make some tea.


  1. Love on your family and friends.

The best part of my week has been a decision I made early on to connect, reconnect and stay connected. I’m emailing, calling, face timing, zooming much more than ever. I am not waiting for someone to reach out to me. And you know what’s happening? I’m getting loved on in return. Imagine that!

Connecting to the people in your life, or people you haven’t thought of for years, is possible now. Add this to your routine. One person at a time. And maybe, when you and I get through this, our relationships will be refreshed in ways we never imagined.


May you enter the weekend stronger than you started this week. And if not, you can try again tomorrow. Please know I am here for you, reach out if you want to talk.

A big virtual hug!