I want to explore what it means to deal with areas of life that tend to overwhelm you: work, relationships, health, finances – you name it.

The place where I’m seeing healing and growth at the moment has to do with waiting. I won’t bore you with details, but here it is in a nutshell. Nearly three years of waiting for something oh so special has finally come to fruition. It’s been painful and arduous and had me wondering, what is happening here? But there was no rushing the matter, because it wasn’t up to me.

That’s often the case, isn’t it? The answer has arrived, and because I kept breathing, I’m not surprised that it has eased its way into my life. And today that journey begins anew.

There’s so much to waiting that is rewarding after the fact. But what about in the moment when you don’t know the outcome?

In upcoming posts, I want to dive into those areas where being overwhelmed may have stopped you from going after what you really want. And facing how you wait – for or on anything – is a first step.

How do you deal with having to wait?